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Vietnam Backroad Bycicle Tours

Support for cyclists is typically provided by an air-conditioned bus or van, which is always nearby assuring a ready supply of cold drinks, wet towels fresh fruit and snacks. As you would expect, first aid kits, spare bikes and parts and others essential materials are also on hand. For an extra twist, why not switch the van for a boat, and cruise around the Mekong or Halong Bay when your legs are tiring !  All Vietnam Backroads bike guides are highly trained and highly enthusiastic. Each is has qualified in the history of the region and has been running cycling adventure tours for many years.

Vietnam Backroads Adventure is found by an adventure guide, Van or Van The Man and his close friend John Walker. John is an Australian business man, has been living and running his own business in Saigon for  7 years. He loves cycling and traveling around Vietnam by bike. Van has been associated with tourism more than 8 years, especially adventure organization. Van also has worked for Spiceroads, Exotissimo and many famous International Adventure Travels from different countries for many years.Van loves to discover real life, he has spent so much time and his pocket money scouting from Saigon to Hanoi and different parts of the country. He is not only explore the Back Roads and rural regions in his country but also in Cambodia and Laos for bicycle ventures. John, his loves of biking, discovering new destinations and faith in the skill of  Van, close friend. John and Van have invested this blossoming project as Vietnam Backroads Adventure. Most tours follow the same paths but with Van’s knowledge of his country, Cambodia and Laos, Van can help travelers avoid the crowds and really appreciate the scenery. Van will be your human GPS/bike anorak for biking trips to Indochina. With 8 years of tour experience and collection of secret hand-draw maps among his artillery, you will be satisfied with your adventure trips by Vietnam Backroads

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