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Bring Boulevard Lakefront Tour Back!

Boulevard Lakefront Tour (BLT) routes are designed by bicycling experts and feature an assortment of bike-friendly streets. As much as possible, BLT organizers created routes with minimal traffic, safe crossings with signals and the most straightforward turns – while also taking riders to interesting sights and neighborhoods. Congratulate yourself, post-ride, with a break at the festival! Choose 14, 28, 36 or 63-mile route options. Not sure about riding on streets …Read More

The Boulevard Lakefront Tour It’s back and better than ever!

In honor of Active Trans’ 30th Anniversary, Four Star will be taking a break so we can bring back one of our most beloved events – The Boulevard Lakefront Tour (BLT) on Sunday, August 23. Riders can choose from four rides and revisit some of the original BLT routes, which started in 1989 as the first major fundraising event for the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation. The reminiscing will continue at our …Read More