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Mountain Bike Tips

Mountain biking is fast becoming a very popular sport, but before beginning you need to decide which bike would suit you best. You will need to consider not only your budget but also your needs; there is no point in buying a mountain bike which isn’t suited to you. There are several different types of bikes on the market, and all do very different things.

Mountain biking is a great way to not only get fit but also explore the countryside. You will be able to see things that you didn’t even know were there. It is a very easy way to have fun with your friends while exercising and getting fresh air. Before purchasing any mountain bike it is essential to research all of the different bikes available. If you do this properly beforehand then it can save you time and money in the future. The three main types which are used the most are cross country, free riding and downhill mountain bikes.

Cross Country Mountain bikes are the most popular, they are now the favorite amongst many new riders. These bikes are incredibly lightweight, which makes them easier to ride and maneuver over steep and rough terrain. Cross country bikes have become the top selling bike and people are even using them on roads as well. They are designed with their hard tail or full suspension, and which one you choose really depends on the terrain you will be using it on the most. Hard tail suspension is great for speed but isn’t as comfortable as full suspension bikes, so if you are using it on very bumpy terrain then full suspension would be more suited.

Downhill mountain bikes are designed with the professional rider in mind; they are perfect for riding down the rough terrain at fast speeds. These well built mountain bikes always have full suspension at the front and rear and full on disk brakes. Many professional downhill riders will have their bikes custom made just for them; they know what they want in a bike so have it made. Downhill mountain biking is for experienced riders and they wear safety gear for a reason. They ensure they are fully protected, so in the event that they fall from their bike they are as protected as possible. As well as traveling at break neck speeds down a mountain, these riders will often have to do jumps throughout the course.

Free riding mountain bikes are one of the newest types of bikes, these bikes are built to last as the riders perform and undertake some amazing challenges. A great deal of free ride bikers have built their own courses, and challenge each other to try them. There tend to be a great deal of injuries with free biking, so authorities try to ban them as much as possible. Although this isn’t always possible and many do it illegally, it is an amazing thrill to do some of these courses. The bikes they use for free riding are simple designs as they want to have them lightweight enough to throw around while doing the tricks. Which bike you choose, for whatever purpose you will have an hour of fun with it, as biking is becoming popular to do again.

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