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Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Trainer

I own one of these and how it costs magnetsteeltrainer2 as little as it does is beyond me (yes we complain when products are inexpensive as well). My nephew was looking to get in on the cycling action and since he isn’t quite up to “street level” as yet, this trainer will serve as a great beginner tool. I’m not saying its for kids – my nephew is in his mid teens – but considering it offers 5 levels of resistance settings and is solidly built, its definitely a steal at the price.

There is also a control that can be attached to your handle bar to make resistance adjustments easier. Unlike the indoor trainer which is loud, this trainer is a bit quieter (no, not comparable to the higher end models just those in its price range) and its easy to see why so many use it as a first time trainer or supplemental trainer as well.

It also features progressive magnetic resistance, which means the faster you pedal the more the resistance increases. A huge drawback to this bike stand is the poor quality of instructions included. Apart from this, it has good value and a strong build and since I own one and know what it offers, I can safely say I would recommend it to a friend.

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