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Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer

The kinetic trainer may seem expensive but when kinetictrainer1you consider the technology and the exceptional level of performance that it offers you soon realize why so many cyclists use it – both average and seasoned cyclists alike. In a category where there is a huge dependence on seals and O-rings to prohibit fluid chamber leakage, this fluid trainer features a patented magnetic drive system that eliminates the need for seals or O-rings. Adding to this durable build is a 6-lbs flywheel with precise coast downs from 20-mph in 15-second increments. The weight of the flywheel contributes to the smooth and stable ride making capable of handling any workload or workout you throw at it. It is a versatile indoor bike trainer, and one of few that can truly simulate that realistic road feel. Two other reasons why this is a great choice is:

  • The maintained stability, even as you stand up or lean forward, and;
  • The outstanding lifetime warranty, which also has a crash replacement policy (seriously, who’s crashing this thing? Its built like a rock!)

The only drawback some people (including myself) found was the price. Of course this is probably just typical consumer behavior as we always wish a product, which does things extremely well, was offered for a few dollars less. I think we should suck it up because this trainer more than justifies its price, and for a smooth, intense indoor ride on one of the most durable bike stands around, it’s absolutely worth it.

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