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CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer Bike Stand

The CycleOps offers great performance without cycleopstrainer1 losing much of that desired outdoor cycling experience. The large flywheel provides resistance and twice the inertia of outdoor riding making it a great choice for staying in condition during unfavorable seasons or conditions.

The Power Band Technology provides different levels of resistance and you don’t need to manually adjust the resistance as it automatically changes based on your pedaling as well as increases the wattage to match your speed. The most impressive aspect of this stationary bike stand is the level of noise. It is one of the quietest you can find, and if this is important to you because you need to replace the cheap version that is noisy and ineffective, then just get the CycleOps.

A common concern among users was the ambiguous installation guide that was included with the trainer. However, for those who are not as hands-on as others, CycleOps’ excellent customer service proved to be very helpful – in some instances set-up was a swift 5 minutes. The CycleOps may be expensive but when you consider that some trainers can run upwards of $1000 with features that you would never encounter on the road, let alone have time to use, the bare necessities offered by this trainer are definitely worth it. And just in case you were wondering, it comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty as well.

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