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How to Find A Bike Stand That Fits Your Needs

You don’t have to take my word on any of the 4 indoor bike trainers. I may not be able to tell you whether or not you should purchase one yourself but I can provide you with the criteria to help you find the stationary bike stand that suits you. The most common aspects of your search may include the following: Noise Level Compatibility Rating Price Resistance Functionality Trainer Design …Read More

Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Trainer

I own one of these and how it costs magnetsteeltrainer2 as little as it does is beyond me (yes we complain when products are inexpensive as well). My nephew was looking to get in on the cycling action and since he isn’t quite up to “street level” as yet, this trainer will serve as a great beginner tool. I’m not saying its for kids – my nephew is in his …Read More

CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer Bike Stand

The CycleOps offers great performance without cycleopstrainer1 losing much of that desired outdoor cycling experience. The large flywheel provides resistance and twice the inertia of outdoor riding making it a great choice for staying in condition during unfavorable seasons or conditions. The Power Band Technology provides different levels of resistance and you don’t need to manually adjust the resistance as it automatically changes based on your pedaling as well as …Read More

Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer

The kinetic trainer may seem expensive but when kinetictrainer1you consider the technology and the exceptional level of performance that it offers you soon realize why so many cyclists use it – both average and seasoned cyclists alike. In a category where there is a huge dependence on seals and O-rings to prohibit fluid chamber leakage, this fluid trainer features a patented magnetic drive system that eliminates the need for seals …Read More

Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer Bike Stand

The Blackburn Tech Mag Trainer is a durable trainer that is made from high-grade steel, which gives it excellent stability and sturdiness. For added assurance, Blackburn backs their products up with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Due to its design, riders can expect smooth performance with minimal vibrations and a low level of noise while in use (although at higher speeds there is a little bit of noise). The variable magnetic …Read More

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How To Choose A Stationary Bike Stand: The Ultimate Cyclist Guide

If you need a solution for your indoor bike training or workout activities, how do you decide which bike stand is right for you? Honestly, you can find tons of overwhelming articles out there with people endorsing that one special stand that will provide the ideal training and workout performance you need. The amusing part is, most of them have this claim and not one of them considers what we …Read More

Cagllari Pocket Bike

Equipped with 49 cc 2 stroke engine, Cagllari pocket bikes can perform a speed as high as 40 MPH. The cag pocket bike motor makes a sound as big as large motor bike. Cagllari bikes, also known as Cagllari daytona pocket bikes, are very popular among pocket bike fans. As the bikes can be adjusted to a rider’s preference, in the pocket bike geek’s world, cagllari parts also play a …Read More

Pocket Dirt Bikes – Best Tips for Dirt Pocket Bikes

A pocket dirt bike is a similar to a normal dirt bike with the only difference that it is smaller in size. This article provides some more pertinent information related to these bikes. Outdoor sports Pocket dirt bikes are best for those who enjoy outdoor sports. Dirt bikes are racing bikes that provide an opportunity to sport’s lovers to unleash their passion for being a part of bike races and …Read More

Vietnam Backroad Bycicle Tours

Support for cyclists is typically provided by an air-conditioned bus or van, which is always nearby assuring a ready supply of cold drinks, wet towels fresh fruit and snacks. As you would expect, first aid kits, spare bikes and parts and others essential materials are also on hand. For an extra twist, why not switch the van for a boat, and cruise around the Mekong or Halong Bay when your …Read More

Bring Boulevard Lakefront Tour Back!

Boulevard Lakefront Tour (BLT) routes are designed by bicycling experts and feature an assortment of bike-friendly streets. As much as possible, BLT organizers created routes with minimal traffic, safe crossings with signals and the most straightforward turns – while also taking riders to interesting sights and neighborhoods. Congratulate yourself, post-ride, with a break at the festival! Choose 14, 28, 36 or 63-mile route options. Not sure about riding on streets …Read More