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Mountain Bike Tips

Mountain Bike Tips

Mountain biking is fast becoming a very popular sport, but before beginning you need to decide which bike would suit you best. You will need to consider not only your budget but also your needs; there is no point in buying a mountain bike which isn’t suited to you. There are several different types of bikes on the market, and all do very different things.

Mountain biking is a great way to not only get fit but also explore the countryside. You will be able to see things that you didn’t even know were there. It is a very easy way to have fun with your friends while exercising and getting fresh air. Before purchasing any mountain bike it is essential to research all of the different bikes available. If you do this properly beforehand then it can save you time and money in the future. The three main types which are used the most are cross country, free riding and downhill mountain bikes.

Cross Country Mountain bikes are the most popular, they are now the favorite amongst many new riders. These bikes are incredibly lightweight, which makes them easier to ride and maneuver over steep and rough terrain. Cross country bikes have become the top selling bike and people are even using them on roads as well. They are designed with their hard tail or full suspension, and which one you choose really depends on the terrain you will be using it on the most. Hard tail suspension is great for speed but isn’t as comfortable as full suspension bikes, so if you are using it on very bumpy terrain then full suspension would be more suited.

Downhill mountain bikes are designed with the professional rider in mind; they are perfect for riding down the rough terrain at fast speeds. These well built mountain bikes always have full suspension at the front and rear and full on disk brakes. Many professional downhill riders will have their bikes custom made just for them; they know what they want in a bike so have it made. Downhill mountain biking is for experienced riders and they wear safety gear for a reason. They ensure they are fully protected, so in the event that they fall from their bike they are as protected as possible. As well as traveling at break neck speeds down a mountain, these riders will often have to do jumps throughout the course.

Free riding mountain bikes are one of the newest types of bikes, these bikes are built to last as the riders perform and undertake some amazing challenges. A great deal of free ride bikers have built their own courses, and challenge each other to try them. There tend to be a great deal of injuries with free biking, so authorities try to ban them as much as possible. Although this isn’t always possible and many do it illegally, it is an amazing thrill to do some of these courses. The bikes they use for free riding are simple designs as they want to have them lightweight enough to throw around while doing the tricks. Which bike you choose, for whatever purpose you will have an hour of fun with it, as biking is becoming popular to do again.

Road Biking Holidays in Spain

With a vast network of excellent mountain roads coupled with year round sunny conditions and fantastic scenery, there are few places in Europe better for your road biking holidays than Spain.

Far from the crowded resorts of some of Europe’s more famous road biking destinations; the riding that privateviptours.com – best rated Tenerife tours on Tripadvisor, offer is set against a laid back local scene and traditional villages full of all the colours and flavours of rural Spain.

In addition to the great roads and laid back locals, the scenery here is extremely varied; cork/pine forest, soaring mountain passes, abrupt rocky places and rolling orchards.  We make the most of your holiday, riding in a different area each day and fully exploiting our fantastic location.

  • Endless empty mountain roads littered with challenging climbs and fantastic descending.  Countless route combinations.
  • Spectacular and varied scenery in the most geologically diverse region in Europe.  We ride in a new and exiting location every day.
  • Best year round climate in Europe.  300 clear sunny days per year, average temperature 20-25 degrees.
  • Undiscovered road biking playground.  Laid back rural Spain, far from the tourist crowds and busy resorts.
  • Luxury holiday accommodation with private pool.
  • Professional guide, fully qualified, fully licensed.  Owner run bike holiday business; every trip and every customer really matters to us.

Although southern Spain is very mountainous, and there will always be plenty of climbing, you don’t have to be a top lever rider or semi-pro to enjoy a road biking holiday with us.  Generally the routes are ridden at a moderate pace with a social aspect to the riding.

Whether you are riding for pleasure, training for your next event or just simply looking to explore new places, a holiday with Road Bike Spain is an unforgettable experience.


Why Tenerife?

Some people might have mixed feelings about Tenerife, but that’s because they’ve never been, or it’s a long time since their last visit.

But there’s a whole host of reasons why I would recommend this idylic little Island in the Canaries for a holiday destination, as endorsed by many thousands EVERY YEAR!

A large part of the attraction is of course the weather in tenerife, it’s just fantastic! But there is so much more to appreciate than just the climate.

Lasteresita Beach, a favorite spot for sun worshippers

However, one myth I would like to dispel straight away is that of “Blackpool with Sun!” not to say there’s anything wrong with Blackpool of course, but it’s a derogatory label sometimes given as if to poke fun, but I firmly believe one should experience it before passing judgement.

In contrast to this stereotypical view however, a Sunday Paper travel supplement recently stated that Tenerife is now “the chic place to go” and while it is much more of a family or couples holiday destination nowadays, The island really does cater for everyone, and that’s part of the attraction, it is quite cosmopolitan in it’s own little way.

Now you might be reading this and thinking “what qualifies this guy to comment”, and the answer is none other than the 20 years I’ve been visiting the island.

As I also travel with my job I see a lot of great places, I’m also lucky enough to have had a couple of holidays a year over the past number of years, and whenever I go somewhere else, I just can’t help comparing, and Tenerife always comes out on top, that’s why I keep on coming back.

So, in my humble opionion, here are just a couple of reasons why you might consider visiting the Island.

  • The weather in tenerife is just great, it is on the same latitude as Florida but you don’t need to worry about Crocs or Hurricanes.
  • This sub-tropical island lying just a couple of hundred miles from the West coast of Africa averages 20-25 degrees with a cooling breeze from the Atlantic.
  • The contrast in Scenery. You’ll be surprised at the spectacular scenery around the Island, from Mount Teide national Park to ocean vistas.
  • It is a perfect place for biking or cycling. Tenerife Coach Tours are always available to assist you about the place.
  • Part of Spain – So it’s still in Europe and has a colonial Spanish feel to it, especially in Santa Cruz for example, and the currency is Euros.
  • Whilst it’s still further than say the Costa’s, it’s only a 4 hours flight, which is fairly manageable I think, even with kids.
  • Tax Free shopping! of course like all tourist hot-spots you get price inflation, but you can get massive savings and great shopping if you look around.
  • The Golfing’s spectacular, and the island has some of the best golfing in Europe.
  • The People are very warm and friendly, and as they are geared up for tourism, their English is normally quite good.
  • Expensive or cheap? you decide. You can get some great deals, but be as exclusive as you wish.
  • Totally family friendly within all of the resorts I’ve been to.
  • Loads of things to do including: scuba diving, safaris, golfing, sightseeing… oh yes lying in the sun too!
  • On British time, so you don’t need to change your watch
  • The sunny weather in Tenerife is all year round, so you can get a tan in the winter as well

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